There is a wide range of optional extras for Skand’s electric devices, up to a complete winter pack. Some extras can be pre-installed before delivery. With high-quality, original Skand parts you can maintain the validity of our two-year warranty.


Batteries are prone to breaking in freezing weather, but luckily you can ensure problem-free winter use of your Skand electric vehicle with a handy battery heater. The installation of a battery heater also includes insulation that retains heat inside the battery even long after you have set off.

Use of the battery heater is extremely simple. The battery heater cable is located in the storage compartment. Just connect the cable to a wall outlet, and the heater heats your battery up to +20 °C and maintains the temperature.

During a heating test at -32 °C, the battery was warmed up to room temperature in two hours. When the heater was disabled, the temperature of the batteries was still above zero six hours later.

If you purchase a battery heater with your Skand electric vehicle, we provide an affordable and easy installation service!*


The high-quality, black protective cover was designed to fit your Skand electric vehicle perfectly and protects it against dust, moisture, and would-be thieves. The adjustable strap ensures that the cover stays on even in high winds.


The battery should never be allowed to deep discharge, and you should charge your batteries fully every two months even during winter storage.

If the temperature falls to around zero degrees Celsius or even lower, the use of a battery heater or storing your scooter in a warm place will extend battery life. With warm batteries you can use your vehicle safely in cold weather as well.

Incorrect charging of batteries or neglecting regular charging will reduce the useful life of the vehicle and the batteries and voids the warranty.

For the above reasons, we absolutely recommend the purchase of a battery heater for your scooter.