Warranty terms

Skand grants the vehicle a 24-month spare part warranty (hereinafter Warranty) counting from the day of delivery, and a 12-month warranty for the batteries, provided that the batteries are regularly charged according to the manual. The customer is responsible for arranging the device’s warranty repairs and for transporting the device to and from maintenance. In warranty-related matters, the customer must contact Skand’s customer service at support@skand.fi

If changes have been made to the electrical system or the batteries have not been charged as instructed in the manual, then the warranty does not cover issues related to driving distance. In sub-zero weather, the batteries must either be charged in a warm space or with the battery heater turned on, because when charged in the cold the batteries cannot reach full charge and their lifespan is significantly reduced. The batteries may be stored in cold spaces, as long as they have been fully charged when warm. When in seasonal storage, the batteries must be charged every 2 months. The batteries must not be left to charge indefinitely. There is significant variation in the regular operational range of electric vehicles. On one model, the range varies between 15 – 60 kilometres, for instance. Because the device itself is relatively lightweight, the weight of the load and the driver make the most difference. Other factors that affect the operational range include driving speed and whether headlights are used or not. Hilly terrain, temperature, etc. also affect the range. When using cold batteries in sub-zero temperatures, an operational range of a few kilometres is normal.

The Warranty covers private use. For other users, liability for defects is primarily applied based on the intended purpose, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The Warranty covers product defects, provided that the retailer has been notified of the defect in writing within 14 days of the defect’s appearance at the latest.

The Warranty is voided if the maintenance programme has not been adhered to as instructed, or if structural changes are made to the vehicle, or if the vehicle is used for purposes it is not made for. The Warranty does not cover the following: user errors, damages resulting from neglecting daily check-ups, or parts that wear, such as tires, brake pads and bulbs. Parts that wear are only included in the Warranty if they contain a clear factory defect.