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goMoto 4.3 (Late 2021 – Present)

goMoto 4.3
(Late 2021 – Present)

  • Colours: Red and Grey
  • Power: 1000W and 2000W models
  • Top speed: 25 km/h and 40 km/h
  • Update from previous model: added handlebar brakes and internal charger.


New batteries does not fit? Check downloadable material.

There is a batch of scooters which have faulty cabin fan, we do have a working solution now for the problem, contact us for spare part and instructions for the problem.

Couple very simple cases where vehicle doesn’t move and controllers are giving double beep code. Double beep normally is throttle based error but first check charging port’s sensor that can be little stuck and also gives the throttle error code. Lubricate and check that it works normally.

General information

Hub motors, both have their own controller.

Volume should never be put to 0/mute, it is not ment to be and it causes the screen to reset/flash/not working.

Disassembling something is easy with this, easy to find screws and bolts. Only windscreen is glued.

Batteries and controllers easy to access, under the passengers seat.

Internal charger. In battery compartment or inside rear bumper.

Handlebar brake levers.

Soft suspension.

60V 58Ah, 5 x 12V 58Ah batteries.

To fill windscreen wiper fluid container, remove the cap which has nozzle under the windscreen.

Technical specifications

Length2300 mm
Width1195 mm
Height1520 mm
Wheelbase1760 mm
Seat height560 mm from ground level, 320 mm from floor level
Weight (including the batteries)346,5 kg
Top speed25 km/h / 40 km/h
Motors2 x 500W / 2 x 1000W
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
Battery capacity3,48kWh = 60V 58Ah (5 x 12V 58Ah)
Battery typeLead-acid
Battery pack weight77,5 kg (5 x 15,5 kg)
RangeUp to 92 km
Charging timeUp to 12 hours, depending on the initial charge level of the batteries
Maximum load150,5 kg
Tyre size135/70R12
Vehicle categoryL1e-P
Number of seats2
SeatbeltsYes, for both passengers
Maximum torque of the motor76.0 N.m
Maximum hill-starting ability at the
maximum load
20% slope
Available colorsRed, gray

Downloadable material

Support material

Spare parts

This is the latest 4.3 with a new charger, cable, and brake system.

To shop spare parts for goMoto 4.3, click below:

Finnish webshop
Swedish webshop
English webshop

FAQ / Most common repairs

Total blackout, nothing happens, not even the start and stop button blink and batteries have full charge. Main switch works, measure voltage with multimeter to be sure, can be done without removing anything, under the parking brake. Then it is either converter (aluminium box under passengers seat) or start and stop button unit. Measure the converter box first if it gets power and does it send out power or not, if no power check fuses. Third is the start and stop button unit located under the windshield, remove front covers to see it.

Double beep error code, should be throttle error but also charging port’s sensor that is spring loaded stick inside the port holes give that if its stuck and causes vehicle not to move. Lubricate or switch it if faulty.

Fan units, switch or the fan inside the unit is the problem.

Screen flashes/restarts: Volume should never be put to 0/mute, it is not ment to be and it causes the screen to reset/flash/not working.

Customer has done special tunings or has been ”fixing” the vehicle

When installing your own accessories, it is important for the device warranty that they are not powered by the device battery. If something MIGHT be broken because of what customer has done himself, the possible affect to warranty need to be clarified before action. If you are not sure, contact us.


-There will be sounds from motors, brakes, windscreen wiper, windscreen washer, electric windows, charger, tyres etc. In most cases contacts from customers calling about sounds/noises are unnecessary and can/should be explained right away.

Touch screen:

-Language can be changed, languages:






-Tire change specialties

Rear tyres have rim motors on both sides. 

Tire change should be done in service only because of the electrics.

-electric window problem?

You can pull out the switch from other side to test if the switch is broken. If switch is okay the problem is lift motor or wiring.

-Start up procedure:

Press alarm off/open doors button from the key.

Push brake pedal, press start/stop button.

Release hand brake.

-Problem: scooter doesn’t move.

Common solutions.

-Alarm system turned off? Lock and open doors from remote key.

-Main switch on? Under the parking brake.

-Which running mode is on? R N D, R reverse, N neutral, D drive forward

-Battery charge? Voltage okay? check from the speedometer, charge if not full. If full but drops rapidly after twisting the throttle and battery is really REALLY fully charged, then need to go further. Something is not right.

-Does the brake light light up? yes -> move on. no -> its already on or broken, if it’s on you should find the problem from brake sensors or kill switch

-Twitching run? which mode? In most cases mild twitching is normal. It might be tires that just needs more riding. Most cases it is something normal.

-Speed is low or ride feels powerless.

Is the tyre pressure right? Battery fully charged? Correct charger, charger plugged, socket has electricity? Brakes need adjusting? Too much load? Driving only uphill? Driving middle of woods or fields? 

If everything is okay, problem can be controllers programming, battery pole oxygenation or loose battery cable heads. With controllers we ship new ones with new program to you and get the old ones back here for reprogramming.

-Battery indicator shows full charge when standing still, but goes down rapidly when driving.

Correct charger? socket works? charger plugged? battery charged? is the battery really charged?

Battery indicator measures the voltage. you need to drive normally steady medium speed to see the actual level of charge.

-Ride feels bumpy

99% of cases are unnecessary contacts. Most common with new vehicles.

If old vehicle suddenly starts acting weird then there might be something wrong.

-Charger does not charge the batteries

Correct charger? 

Charger plugged on?

Socket has electricity? Did you test with some other electric device that the socket really has electricity?

Charger needs load to measure if it charges or not. start charging and measure voltage from main battery poles / main wires.