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  • Colours: Red, matt black and white
  • Power: 2000W
  • Top speed: 45 km/h

General information

One or two 60V 30Ah batteries.

Available with rear box. Need new handlebar and the box if fitted afterwards.

Seat opens from ignition lock, push the key and turn anticlockwise.

Technical specifications

Length1880 mm
Width745 mm
Height1180 mm
Wheelbase1320 mm
Seat height780-810 mm from ground level
Weight73 kg
Top speed45 km/h
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
Battery capacity1,8 – 3,6kWh (1 or 2 batteries, 60V 30Ah)
Battery typeLithium
Battery pack weight
RangeUp to 80 km with single battery.
Charging timeUp to 12 hours, depending on the initial charge level of the batteries
Maximum load162 kg
Tyre size110/70-12
Vehicle categoryL1e-B
Number of seats2
Maximum torque of the motor79.2 N.m at 55 r/m, continuous 55.0 N.m at 350 r/m
Maximum hill-starting ability at the
maximum load
14% slope
Available colorsRed, matt black and white

Downloadable material

Support material

Spare parts

To shop spare parts for Tigon, click below:

Finnish webshop
Swedish webshop
English webshop

FAQ / Most common repairs

Tigon series

Problem: scooter doesn’t move.

Common solutions.
-Ignition on? Turn the key clockwise

-Is the parking mode disabled?

-Alarm system turned off?

-Stand switch?

-Battery charge? Voltage okay? check from the speedometer, charge if not full. 

-Does the brake light light up? yes -> move on. No -> its already on or broken, if it’s on you should find the problem from brake sensors or kill switch

-Does the scooter roll without drag when power is off? If not, problem is most likely motor or controller.

Twitching run? which mode? In most cases mild twitching is normal. It might be tires that just needs more riding. Most cases it is something normal.

Speed is low or ride feels powerless.

Is the tyre pressure right? Battery fully charged? Correct charger, charger plugged, 

socket has electricity? speed mode? Brakes need adjusting? Too much load? Driving only uphill? Driving middle of woods or fields? 

If everything is okay, need service.

Short and long lights

There might be icons that say short and long beam, but in some models it is supposed to be just

on/off switch for lights.

-Battery indicator shows full charge when standing still, but goes down rapidly when driving.

Correct charger? socket works? charger plugged? battery charged? is the battery really charged?

Battery indicator measures the voltage. you need to drive normally steady medium speed to see the actual level of charge.

Noises, vibrating echo, resonating sound, brake discs, wind,..

Because our products does not have traditional combustion engine you can hear

other usually mild sounds which can irritate some clients. Find out if it is a real problem or not (usually not) and explain that it is normal.

-Ride feels bumpy

99% of cases are unnecessary contacts. Most common with new vehicles.

If old vehicle suddenly starts acting weird then there might be something wrong.

-Charger does not charge the batteries

Correct charger? 

Charger plugged on?

Socket has electricity? Did you test with some other electric device that the socket really has electricity?

Charger needs load before measuring if it charges or not. start charging and measure voltage from main battery poles / main wires.